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yet another wonderful weekend with peter. he told me he's completly attached to me :o) which is great, considering how attached i am to him and all. i figure this is the perfect relationship. even if we are apart, i see him wednesday, and then i'm coming back in 2 and a half weeks to visit him for 3 whole days, and then even if we don't work something out in between then and my birthday it'll only be a month... we can both survive a month without seeing eachother, i know it. even if so far the longest we've gone is 5 days... but we'll make it. the whole sleeping with other people thing makes it sooo easy. i love people who get the difference between love and sex. *happy sigh* he's just perfect for me. and i'm not using that lightly. *giggle* so cute, he told me it was okay if i fall in love with him. i know that sounds weird, but it's just adorable coming from him. aah, everything about him is adorable. i talked to him about winter break again... and we're pretty sure that i'm going to live with him when i get home. an entire month living with him... that's soooo worth the 4 months being apart, even though we'll still see eachother at least once a month. i'm just so happy with this guy, he's excellent. everything i could hope for. we went to new hope on saturday just to walk around and stuff... found this corset and fetish wear place there that i never knew exsisted, it was awesome... hah hah, found a sex swing! whooo! those look like fun ;oP but it started raining, so we were just strolling along without an umbrella... it was cute. we took off our shoes and jumped in puddles. fucking cutest thing in my life. i was surprised that he wanted to do it, and he was surprised that i wanted to. like a cute little immature act that we can do together and... fuck, it was just cute. i really can't describe it. i'm a terrible writer. he likes to hit puddles in the jeep... we hit this really good one earlier today, it was enough to spray the entire windshield, and get me wet since it was on my side... huuuuge puddle. i love hitting puddles in cars, it's just fun.

okay, really, enough ranting out of me. point is that peter is incredible and i think he's the one. yeah. the end.